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Buying your family home can be extremely stressful and there is no easy way to be sure you are making the right choice of property.  A good way forward is to do  thorough research in the areas and location of your choice, past and present property values and property forecasts by reputable sources but especially the partnership between the prospective buyer and a first class experienced, trustworthy and local real estate agent.

The internet is the best and most powerful tool for finding and researching properties however many agencies have silent listings where sellers have indicated their wish to sell but prefer for it not to become public knowledge.  It is always worth registering your interest with a local agent early in your search to see if there is anything that is not in the public arena.

An agent local to the area in which you are searching is best.  Swan River Real Estate has been helping buyers and sellers in South Perth and the surrounding suburbs for many years to achieve their goals.



Swan River Real Estate are local and surrounding area specialist.

They know and understand the market.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity when it comes to giving you sound real estate advice.

Our passion is property with excellence and customer service.

We all reside locally and are strong advocates for this wonderful area.